Jaenicke TestimonialsMy name is Alicia Dennison and I am a 40 year old mother of three teenagers. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Barney, for 17 years. I had been living with constant pain for three years, not knowing what it was, assuming it was because I was starting to get old. My menstrual cycles were really severe, to the point I was out of commission for at least two days. So I made an appointment with Dr. Jaenicke and figured I would start there with remedying the pain I was experiencing.

Dr. Jaenicke upon examination determined that I would need to have a hysterectomy due to a very large fibroid in my uterus. My surgery was Dec. 12th, 2017 and I can honestly say that was the day I got my life back. I was up and walking within 12 hours of the surgery. On the third day I was able to be up and with no pain. My joints didn’t hurt on my legs, my back had stopped hurting. It was truly miraculous the amount of freedom and relief I have experienced by just this surgery.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Jaenicke, his staff, Bellefonte hospital and all the nurses that took such good care of me throughout this entire process. Thank you for giving my life back!

—Alicia Dennison

Jaenicke TestimonialsI was recently referred to Dr. Jaenicke for pelvic pain and pressure.  He found that I had a prolapsed bladder.  Dr. Jaenicke discussed treatment options and possible outcomes and complications of treatment with my husband and me.  He answered all of our questions and we decided that the best option for me would be surgery.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Jaenicke came to see me in pre-op.  I was nervous, of course, but he made sure I was at ease before the procedure.  He was in post-op to check on me after the procedure and spoke to my husband.  The next morning, everything went just as he had explained.  He came to see me early in the morning and I was home before noon.

I am five weeks post-op and feel great!  Dr. Jaenicke and his office staff have went above and beyond to care for me.

—Jackie Stevens

Jaenicke TestimonialsChoosing Dr. Jaenicke to perform my hysterectomy was the best decision I have ever made. I received great compassion and care from Dr. Jaenicke and the staff at Bellefonte Women’s Center. I felt amazing in a mere 2 weeks post-surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Jaenicke and the staff at BWC for any gynecological procedure.

—Amanda Kleinman

Jaenicke TestimonialsI recently had surgery at OLBH with Dr. Kurt Jaenicke.  He was very caring and understanding before and after surgery.  He made me feel very confident in his ability to proceed with my medical care.  The staff was very professional and efficient to all my needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Jaenicke and I believe he is a top notch physician.

—K Manning

Jaenicke TestimonialsI’d like to start off by saying thank you to Dr. Jaenicke and all of his staff for making my surgical journey a good experience.  I was always treated with smiles and laughter.  They talked to me about all of my questions and were quick to give me answers and reassurance if needed.  I am feeling much better since my hysterectomy and bladder tuck.  I now am pain free and no longer have bladder leaks.

Dr. Jaenicke was very kind and understanding with me and my concerns. He always took the time to address everything that I asked.  I was expecting a harder recovery and was pleasantly surprised with how well everything went.  Thank you to Dr. Jaenicke and all of his staff for making my surgical experience a good one.  I am happy that I chose this team for my surgery.


Jaenicke TestimonialsI have been trying to think about what to say as my testimonial and ….. just from a quality of life perspective, following my surgery it is so great not to have to worry about always needing to scope out a bathroom and not having leaking that just consumes your  thoughts.  I no longer have to carry extra “supplies” in my purse and just that freedom of being confident that I can go somewhere without accidents.


Jaenicke TestimonialsI have been a patient of Dr. Jaenicke, for many years. He and his team at OLBH Bellefonte Womens Center are and have always been professional, knowledgable, and compassionate.

I had a Vaginal Hysterectomy and Vaginal (Bladder) mesh surgery performed by Dr. Jaenicke. I suffered from pelvic floor relapse, heavy periods, fibroids, and a few more unwanted pains. I am still stunned by the outcome! I had to remind myself not to “over-do” after the surgery. I had zero side effects and mild to ‘barely there’ pain. My only regret is, “why did I wait so long to have this surgery?”

I am forever grateful for Dr. Jaenicke and his team at Bellefonte Womens Care for their dedication and passion in helping me regain a sense of normalcy in my life. Thank you!

—Forever grateful patient, Kelley Wheeler

Jaenicke TestimonialsDr. Jaenicke is a fantastic surgeon. I met him back in 2012 when I was sent here on whim for what I originally told was a tiny cyst. It turns out I had a very large, complicated cyst that was able to be felt all the way up in my abdomen which required immediate surgery. If not for Dr. Jaenicke’s knowledge and immeasurable skills, I may have not had the excellent outcome that I did.

My case was complicated enough that it required me to have an open abdominal incision, and he did an incredible job with the surgery overall and with my incision. He even took extra care to place in in a spot where the scar would not be as noticeable. I constantly in good conscience recommend Dr. Jaenicke and his facility for gynecological care. He is a truly caring and world class surgeon who I would trust with anything.

—Danielle Hamilton

Jaenicke TestimonialsMy family physician referred me to Dr. Jaenicke and I am just so grateful. Though apprehensive at the thought of my initial visit, he and his staff quickly put me at ease. I was quite ill when I first visited his office and wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Jaenicke was friendly, professional, and very informative. I left feeling very confident that I would receive the best care possible…and I truly did!

Throughout the process of testing and surgery, he took the time to answer not only all of my questions but my family’s concerns as well. He kept them informed before, during, and after my surgery.

I am almost 6 months post op and I am feeling like myself again thanks to Dr. Jaenicke. I received excellent care from the first visit to my last follow-up. I hope to be a patient of his for a very long time and would recommend this office to anyone looking for a new provider. I hope he and his staff realized what a difference they made in my life! THANKS!!!

—Kim Klein

Jaenicke Testimonials

I am so thankful for the wonderful care and staff at Bellefonte Women’s Care. But I am most thankful for my doctor, Dr. Kurt Jaenicke is hands down the best doctor I have EVER encountered. I came to his offices in January of 2018 complaining of pain in my lower abdomen area and both he and his nurses were very quick about getting me after that first appointment for a ultrasound which took place not even a week later. The ultrasound showed that I had very bad scarring built up inside me which caused a lot of adhesions so Dr. Jaenicke told me that I could wait to have the adhesions removed or go ahead and have him do a Laparotomy to remove them. I ended up choosing to go ahead and have them removed and he had me scheduled for surgery just a couple weeks later.

Once Dr. Jaenicke was able to get in there with cameras and see around it turns out my problem couldn’t be fixed with a simple adhesion removal. A few days after surgery I had an appointment at his offices and was told that my scarring and adhesions was worse than what the ultrasound had showed. My bladder and uterus was fused together among other areas that stuck together and this was the cause of the pain I had been having. So we talked about options and I ended up choosing to have a hysterectomy to separate the bladder from the uterus. In addition to the hysterectomy discussion Dr. Jaenicke had remembered that I had mentioned having some leaking of urine when ever I would jump, sneeze, laugh, throw up, ok pretty much anything. So he scheduled bladder studies and I shortly after that told me different options that I could do in order to fix the issue.

So I ended up choosing the to have the bladder mesh surgery in addition to the hysterectomy. I will admit I was very uneasy about going thru with the mesh surgery because of all the horror stories on the internet you see. But I am glad I didn’t let that scare me away because I am convinced that those people with horror stories to tell didn’t have a doctor as skilled as Dr. Jaenicke to do their surgery for them. My surgeries took place in April 2018 and the level of care and compassion I received from both Dr. Jaenicke and his nurses at the hospital was amazing to say the least.

This world needs more doctors like Dr. Kurt Jaenicke in it. My life is forever changed because of the skilled care of both him and his nurses/staff. Because of those surgeries and having a surgeon as skilled and caring as Dr. Jaenicke I am finally able to live pain free! I am finally able to live leak free and because of that I am now doing something I never thought possible… I am now working at my dream job as both a personal trainer and fitness instructor, both of which would have never been possible had it not been for those surgeries and having a doctor and staff that was willing to listen to my concerns and go above and beyond the standard of care to make sure I was healthy. Thank you Bellefonte Women’s Care and Thank you Dr. Jaenicke for your amazing care. I HIGHLY recommend this office and especially this doctor to anyone and everyone that is in need of some amazing care.

—Sasha Bush