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12 Fitness Classes in Singapore for a Fun Workout

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If you’re looking for strength, toning, and flexibility, there are tons of yoga and Pilates studios in Singapore that can help you achieve all that. But if you want to explore further and try out other effective workouts and fitness activities, here are some fun options to get you started on your search. From indoor surfing and trampoline jumping, to water cycling and rhythm boxing, this list has got you covered.

This article is part of our Mindful Living Guide to Singapore with tons of tips for happy, healthy and mindful living in Singapore.

Pole Dancing at SLAP Dance Studio
For the Dance Lovers – Zumba, Pole Dancing, Cardio Jam

You’ve probably heard people say that pole dancing is a full body workout…and they’re absolutely correct. Not only will you learn to move with grace and rhythm, you’ll also be increasing flexibility, and toning and strengthening your muscles. SLAP is arguably the most popular studio offering pole dance classes in SG, and they have championship wins to show for it too! Check out their website for more details.

Drop in for a session at Robinson Rd.

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Zumba at Fitness with Grace Sagaya

For those who don’t know, Zumba is a fitness class and workout that feels like one big Latin dance party. So you get all the fun and rhythm, but also the physical benefits of a low-impact cardio workout. Grace Sagaya is licensed to teach 8 different variations of Zumba, and you can choose whether you want a simple dance workout, or one that focuses on muscle toning, or strength training and cardio. Give them a call or peep their website and socials to get pricing and schedules.

Find their studios at Depot Heights Shopping Center.

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Cardio Jam at Beatfactory Fitness

The Cardio Jam class at Beatfactory Fitness is a one-hour dance fitness class designed to get your heart rate up and activate different muscle groups in the body. Expect to hear and dance along to popular international hits from Top40 to dance and pop music, all with bpms (beats per minute) that will keep you grooving and sweating. If you want something more genre-specific, Beatfactory also has hip-hop, k-pop, street jazz, dance hall, and afro dance classes. Find out more by visiting their website.

Find their studios at Far East Shopping Centre.

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Rhythm Cycling at Absolute Cycle
If You Want Endurance and Leg Work – Indoor and Aqua Cycling

The lighting and the vibe you get at the studio is almost like going dancing at the club—except there’s no alcohol, and you’re all in there getting fit, spinning along to upbeat music. There’s a vibrant group energy you can feed off of, and an instructor to keep you amped up. Music is of course an important part of their classes, so make sure to check their schedules to know if you’ll be riding to hiphop, EDM, Mando-pop, Beyonce, or any of their many other themed classes. Visit their website to find out more details.

Visit their studios at Downtown Gallery, Millenia Walk and Peranakan Place.

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Aqua Biking at Aquaspin

If you love cycling and being in the water, or if you need a good workout that’s also easy on the joints, look no further than aqua biking. What is it? Basically, you take your spin class and bring it into the water with specially designed submerged bicycles or pool bikes. You’ll get a good workout from the water resistance with every turn of the pedal! Aquaspin holds classes in different locations, so make sure to check their website for schedules and venues.

Find their studios at Hotel Jen.

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‘Meltdown’ Classes at Haus Athletics
For Some Weight Loss and Serious Calorie-Burning – HIIT

Don’t let the name scare you—the only thing that’s going to be “melting down” are all your stored fats in this HIIT/cardio-based fitness class. The Meltdown class is specifically designed to fast-track the increase in your fitness level and burn fat fast. Expect to do challenging bodyweight exercises and use various strength training equipment such as sliders and med balls (weighted exercise balls). You can book a class and find out more details here.

Find their studios at OUE Downtown Gallery and Cross Street Exchange.

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‘The Blitz’ Classes at Grityard

Founded by former national athletes, Grityard offers time-efficient classes and programs (45 minutes max) that are guided by five pillars: Endurance, Speed, Power, Core, and Strength. The Blitz class focuses on speed, agility, and power, and is perfect for those whose focus is to improve and increase their fitness level, as well as burn calories and torch fat effectively. For more details and to see more classes they have on offer, visit their website.

Drop in for a session at College Road.

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Jumping Fitness at Prestique Studio
For Fun and Kickass Cardio – Trampoline and Boxing

If you’ve ever jumped around on a trampoline before, you’d know that it only takes a few minutes to not only feel inexplicably happy, but also, get your heart pumping. Don’t be fooled, though. The signature Jumping® Fitness trampoline class at Prestique Studio is not just about fun, playful bouncing; they’ll have you doing squats, stretches, and leg lifts while you’re at it. Bring in bubbly instructors and upbeat music, and it’s definitely one of the most fun alternatives you’ll find to your typical cardio workouts. You can find their complete list of classes, schedules, and prices here.

Find their studios at Eu Tong Sen Street.

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High Intensity Rhythm Boxing at Ground Zero

Want to blow off some steam, relieve stress, and get an effective cardio workout while you’re at it? Then definitely check out the Rumble boxing class at Ground Zero. Their Rumble class is basically what you’ll get if HIIT and rhythm boxing had a baby. Expect high intensity cardio, beat-based boxing (as in you’ll be moving and throwing punches in rhythm with the music), and strength and conditioning drills. Not only do you get an awesome workout, you’ll learn a few kickass boxing moves as well. Visit their website for class prices and schedules.

Drop in for a session at Cross Street Exchange.

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Hybrid Rebounding at BBounce Studio

So you really like the idea of a trampoline workout but want to take it a bit further? Check out the Hybrid Rebounding bootcamp class at BBounce Studio. As the name implies, this class is a hybrid of various cardio, strength training, and muscle toning exercises—all performed on the mini-trampoline. BBounce Studio is touted as the country’s first “dedicated rebounding fitness studio,” and you can check their website for other fun, rebounding classes they offer.

Drop in for a session at The Centrepoint.

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‘Sweat’ at SURFSET Singapore
For Board Sports Lovers – Indoor Surfing and FloatFit HIIT

If you’re a non-surfer or a first timer, it can be hard enough just staying balanced and upright on a surfboard. So imagine the double workout you get when you throw in full-body, aerobic exercises while engaging your core to stay balanced on the board! SURFSET Singapore offers three types of SURFSET classes according to your desired focus: Balance, Core, and Sweat. If you prefer high intensity sprints and the goal is to torch fat and get full body toning, we suggest you check out their Sweat class and get more details here.

Drop in for a session at Sports Hub Fitness Studio.

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FloatFit HIIT with Skyline Aqua

If you love being physically challenged as much as you love board sports and being in the water, we’ve found the perfect fitness class for you. Check out Skyline Aqua’s FloatFit HIIT class, where you get the same leg and core workout of balancing on a board as you do in water sports. But to make it more fun, Skyline Aqua throws in the extra challenge of having you do HIIT exercises on the board (called Aquabase), like v-sits, squats, burpees, climbers, lunges and more. Sounds fun, right?? 

They also have a FloatFit yoga class, which is a 30-minute Vinyasa yoga practice but on the same “floating mat.” Skyline’s classes are typically held at the PARKROYAL on Beach Road hotel, but make sure to call them and double check the schedules and venues. You can also find more detailed info on classes, schedules, and prices by clicking here.

Find their studios at Beach Road.

Links: Facebook, Instagram

We’re sure there’s tons of other fun fitness classes we’ve missed (like the Star Wars-inspired lightsaber fitness class), but this is a great list to get you started! Hopefully it also encourages you and gives you an idea of how diverse your options are here in the country if and when you decide to start or level up your workout routine. 

So whatever it is you’re into, best believe there’s a class out there where you can enjoy your hobbies and passions while working towards your fitness goals.

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This article is part of The Mindful Living Guide to Singapore – your guide to happy, healthy, and mindful living in the red dot. Click here to discover places and mindful activities that you and your whole family can enjoy.

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