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Yoga Pilates: East Meets West

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Yoga and pilates each have their own set of hardcore fanatics. For some, it's one or the other. Pilates fans may believe that yoga doesn't hold a candle to the benefits one can gain from pilates, and vice versa. If you're stuck trying to decide which class to take, you can always go for a third option. There's a third group that adheres to the principles of yogilates, a yoga-pilates fusion that freely draws from the principles that govern these two established forms of exercise.

Yoga and Pilates: Not So Different After All

Yoga and pilates have vastly different origins, with age being the most noticeable. The former has been around for thousands of years while the latter was only developed during the first World War. Despite this, both share a number of basic principles such as proper breathing, concentration, relaxation, and a holistic approach to muscle development. Both forms of exercise also make sure that their practitioners go through a full range of movement. These similarities make the transition from one form of exercise to the other much easier for experienced practitioners. There may be some initial apprehension, but both yogis and pilates fans will definitely find it easier to join in and enjoy a yoga-pilates fusion class where they can learn more about the basic principles of the other.

The Benefits of Yoga Pilates

A lot of people join a pilates class because they hear that it can help them tone their bodies and muscles. On the other hand, a lot of yoga students are after the relaxation that yoga offers. A yoga or pilates student will of course soon learn that these are not the only benefits they can receive from their preferred discipline. The same goes for yogilates students. Yogilates takes the benefits of yoga and combines them with the benefits of pilates. It effectively brings together the time-honed breathing and relaxation principles of yoga with pilates' emphasis on stabilizing a body's core and enhancing muscles and posture. These holistic exercises help you build up not only strength and flexibility but stamina and stability as well.

A class that teaches yogilates is a great way for practitioners of one discipline to get firsthand knowledge about the methods and benefits of the other. It opens up a whole new world of exercise that can lead to a better, more fit body and a healthier mind, so feel free to take the plunge and sign up for a class today.

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