5 Yoga Wheel Exercises to Boost Your Strength

If you’re wondering how you could be creatively building more overall strength, here are few ways to use a yoga wheel to enhance this aspect of your practice. Each shape will engage the muscles needed for the final strengthening activity and will grow your confidence towards trying that final one-armed, one-legged crow balance. Let’s play!

Poses to Transform Your Relationship with Your Body

Ever noticed how yogi’s seem to be so comfortable in their bodies, even in crazy fandangled shapes? Ever wondered how they tend to walk with more confidence, live with more courage, and just generally seem more abundant? This is not a trick of the light and it in no way happens overnight- but it IS real! And you can get there too!

Balancing Your Solar Plexus: 5 Yin Yoga Poses for Confidence and Self Esteem

Yoga is renowned for its ability to grow our confidence. Unraveling the muscles of the chest and opening the solar plexus can have a delicious effect on this aspect of the practice. Yin Yoga is a great way to take this even deeper. The long heavy holds release emotional tension and restore self confidence by nourishing our self-trust. It becomes a layer cake of heart opening warmth.

A Pre-Coffee Morning Routine For Confidence & Energy

If your intention is to cultivate a life where your confidence shines through and guides the way, then you will likely need to wake up each morning and clarify that objective for the day ahead – and not just with mantras spoken into a mirror- with action! Here is a mini routine you can add to your morning, to allow your confidence to begin glowing as soon as the sun rises.

Finding Your Balance: The Overlooked Element of Overall Fitness

Balance is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body for many, many reasons. Physical balance requires core strength, helps us work through residual movement patterns from old injuries and encourages a healthy lifestyle, both externally and internally. Despite this, balance is often a much overlooked element of fitness. So, are you doing it enough?

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