Heat up Your Practice and Tone the Body for Summer with This Yoga Sequence for 14 Days

A shift in yoga practice often goes hand in hand with a shift in season, allowing us to adapt sequences and postures to our fitness goals and overall wellness. Sometimes, we need a slow, nurturing practice. At other times, we need a high energy, pulse raising practicing. As the warmer summer months approach, heat up your practice, strengthen and tone with this summer-ready yoga sequence for 14 day

5 Simple Exercises to Deepen Your Backbends

Backbending can be an energetically-uplifting way to maintain spinal health if performed safely. This article teaches 5 simple exercises to deepen your backbends through increasing the strength of supportive core muscles and improving spinal mobility in all 6 directions.

Practice Daily Gratitude with This 15 Minute Evening Flow

After a long day of go, it is incredibly jarring on our bodies to stop. Because many of us do not know how to stop or pause, we end up scrolling mindlessly online and binge watching TV until we convince ourselves to sleep. Days pass and exhaustion finds home in our bones. It gets harder to unwind and be thankful. And you may start to distance yourself from the world. If this sounds like you and y

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